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"Frequently Asked Questions"

​How do People Take Advantage of Their GlowStone Lighting System?

As Everyday Lighting

  • Pot Lights​

  • Warm White Accent Lighting

To Celebrate the Holidays

  • Christmas

  • Easter

  • Halloween

  • Canada Day

Getting Ready for Game Days

  • Flames Games

  • Stampeder's Games

  • Stanley Cup

  • Super Bowl

To Celebrate the Special Occasions



Warm Welcome with Safety in Mind

  • More inviting to friends

  • Less inviting to crime.

A Way to Stand Out From the Crowd

  • Light up the features of your home

  • Wedding or Birth Announcements

The Perfect Ambient Lighting

  • For hanging out on your deck

  • At the BBQ,

  • In the Hot Tub 

  • Entertaining friends

  • To highlight your flower beds or yard

How is the system installed?

  • We custom make an aluminum track perfectly matching your soffit & fascia, we punch the holes so that every aspect of your install is customized to the style & needs of your home.

Do you need an electrician or special wiring?

  • No, the system plugs into an existing outlet.

Can you outline your Warranty?

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Standard light:

    • 3 years 

  • Premium light:

    • 10 years

What is the bulbs "expected" lifespan?

  • These LED Chips are rated for a 50,000 Lumen Hour lifespan.

  • Our expectation is 15-20 years with normal use. (5 or 6 hours a day)

How much power does it use?

  • Each bulb uses only 0.72 watts at full brightness. This means that 100 lights, at full power & brightness, use less energy than as a single 75 watt bulb.

What makes you different than your competitiors?...In a word, “Quality”.

  • We're the only company in Canada to offer a "Customizable" Warm White option.

  • We're the only company in Canada with a waterproof rating of IP68.

  • We're the only company in Canada with a fireproof rating of V-0.

  • We're the only company in Canada that Solders & Heat Shrinks their connections together.

Highest Quality Lights, Highest Quality Install

That's the GlowStone Lighting Difference

When You're Ready, Here's how we can help

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Request a Free, No Obligation "Digital Estimate" Today

  • No sales people will visit your home.

  • You’ll get an “Almost Accurate” price point for your home.

  • You’ll get a better idea of where you would like to have the lights on your home.

  • The “Digital Estimate” only details the front of your home because… that’s usually the only part of you home that “Google Street View” will show us.

This is for "Your Information Only"... No obligation, No pressure.