You can help put Elisabeth Maier on the 2022 Olympic Podium in Beijing

We are excited to announce an amazing opportunity to help put Calgary born and raised Olympic Skeleton Racer and New Mom, Elisabeth Maier, on the podium in Beijing 2022.

Elisabeth Start Race.jpg

Elisabeth is:

  • 3 time Canadian Champion

  • World Championships Bronze Medalist

  • 12 time World Cup Medalist


  • On December 24th, she gave birth to her son Hendrix.

He has inspired her to make a comeback and achieve her Olympic goals.

Elisabeth wants Canadian kids to know that dreams do come true and to be an example to parents everywhere that being a mom or dad does not mean giving up on dreams, kids can inspire their parents to the greatest heights. 

Elisabeth family 1.jpg

So... How Can You Help?

  1.  Get an Estimate

  2. Buy a GlowStone Lighting System for your home

  3. We’ll donate a portion of the purchase price to support Elisabeth Maier’s Olympic dream.

To learn more about Elisabeth and her story check out:

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